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Shinhan Professional Poster Color

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  • South Korea South Korea
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ShinHan Art’s Poster Colors have been universally popular for many years because of their bold opaque color and great versatility. After years of research and development, ShinHan Art has created a professional line of superlative Poster Colors for artists using high quality gum arabic as a binding agent. Fine artists and designers working on posters, illustrators, professional painters, manga and other artists are finding the professional qualities of ShinHan Art’s Poster Colors to be unmatched. ShinHan Professional Poster Colors have been carefully formulated with high load pigmentation and high quality, finely ground pure pigments. Artists report that the paint has unsurpassed brightness, high chroma, and covering power. It flows easily and dries quickly, resulting an even and matte opaque finish.

ShinHan Professional Poster Colors are crayon resistant, have a quick drying and creamy consistency, and are washable from skin and most fabrics. Poster Colors work well with a variety of brushes and on all non-greasy surfaces including glass, paper mache, and clay.  ShinHan Professional Poster Colors are also water soluble. If the Poster Colors show sign of dryness, just pour 2~3mm of ShinHan Poster Color Medium into the paint container to make it re-usable. ShinHan Professional Poster Colors are now available in a balanced spectrum of 69 colors.


  • 69 brilliant colors
  • Highest quality, finely ground pure pigments
  • High load pigmentation
  • Unsurpassed brightness and high chroma
  • Excellent opaqueness and covering power
  • Flows easily and dries quickly giving an even and matte opaque finish
  • Works well on all non-greasy surfaces including glass, paper mache and clay
  • Crayon resistant